I:Installation|PTFE Coat-ed Bolts

I:Installation|PTFE Coat-ed Bolts
Fasteners are widely used in all types of equipment and devices. The corrosion of fasteners will make both assemble and disassemble much more difficult, and even may decrease the mechanical performance.

                   Application: Natural Gas, Power, Coal & Mining, Ship-building, Electronic, Automobile, Textile and other industries, especially in Petroleum & Petrochemical, Offshore and Underwater projects.
Benefits & Advantages
  • Thinner Coating
  • Compact Texture
  • Strong Adhesion
  • Excellent Self-lubricant
  • Stable Fastening Torque
Standard Product Range                    Washers
                   Flat Washers | Lock Washers
                   Hex Bolts | Socket Head | Double-screw
                   Hex Nuts

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