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SuperChem 1611

Extreme Pressure Grease,Complex calcium sulfonate, Multi-purposed

company name
SuperChem 1611 is a calcium sulfonate complex grease designed for  high temperature bearing applications. It's outstanding stability and water washout resistance make it an ideal choice for applications in wet, hot and corrosive enviroments.   1611
Data Sheet
SuperChem 1611 Extreme Pressure Grease, Complex calcium sulfonate, Multi-purposed
Color Dark Red
Dropping Point >300℃ (NLGI 00-4)
Shear Stability 10,000 times +2; 100,000 times +3
Water Washout 0~1%*
Continue working Temp. -20~200℃ (-40-395 F)
Copper Corrosion Test (GB/T 7326) Pass
Four Ball Weld Test (ASTM D2596) ≥500KG  (1100 Lbs)
Four Ball Wear Test (ASTM D2266) <0.5mm

* Lab results for individual production lots tested; some variability will occur