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For International Suppliers - Distribution Inquires

While AIGI Environmental Inc. proudly manufactures and distributes AIGI Environmental brand product lines, we also distribute reputable international brands in China. Such partnership is developed based on long-term mutual interests from both parties. Over the years, AIGI Environmental Inc. has built long term partnerships with several oversea corporations, representing and servicing the Chinese market for brands such as CHESTERTON, DENSO, Viking Johnson, etc.


AIGI Environmental Inc. is always interested in new products and materials that will add to the value we provide to our customers. We continuously evaluate new distribution inquires from international suppliers, as long as such inquires will not conflict with our current programs. Proposals, projects, distributorships and partnerships are welcome from large companies, small firms, and individual entrepreneurs.For inquiries concerning new products or business partnerships, please contact our Vice President  For inquiries concerning new products or business partnerships, any legal or other issues, please contact our Vice President for International Business, Mr.Dwight Bertozzi.at  dwightb@aigienvironmental.com

Worldwide Distributor Network

  Company Name
DENSIQ AB E A Rosengrens gata 18, 421 31 Vastra Frolunda, Sweden


+46(0)31-89 16 00
Global Seal Co.Ltd. 490 Thetsaban Rangsan Nua Soho Road, Bangkok Thailand 10900


T.C. Sealing&Pumping 490 Thetsabanrangsan-Nua Road, Bangkok, 10900, Thailand www.tc.co.th
Fitt Resources Pty Limited 27 Awaba St, Lisarow NSW 2250 Australia www.fittresources.com.au
IDEN Co.Ltd. 438 Hagirwara, Gotenba-City, Shizuoka, 412-0042, Japan www.i-den.jp
Leakfree 6-8 Nihonbashi-Odenmacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0011 Japan www.leakfree.co.jp
Tenbex Engineering No.133, Jalan Timur 2 Kaw.Perusahaan Mergong Barrage Fasa 2b. Malaysia www.tenbex.com.my +604-720-3883
ST Sealing Las Quebradas #735, Loteo Santa Raquel, Los Angeles, Chile verices@stsealing.cl +56-43-2211-122
TEDD Techniques 25 allée Jean Perrin ZA Lavalduc F-13270 FOS/MER www.tedd.biz
+33 950 068 313
UNI-TRADING Unit 19, 4 Reed Place Maxmead, Durban, South Africa info@uni-trading.co.za +27-35-789-0721
Total Prime JI Kedoya Raya no.1, Jakarta Barat. Indonesia www.total-prime.com
PT Fluindo Technology Indonesia Ruko Sentra Niaga Green Lake City Blok O No 18 www.fluindo.co.id
+62 21 22521777,22526777
LLORENS SUMINISTROS INDUSTRIAES,S.L. C/ CAMPOAMOR. N 87 B VALENCIA 46022 Spain flozano.sepco@llorensuministros.com +34-963564191
LLORENS PORTUGAL Rua José Afonso, 11-A.Reboleira.2720-316 AMADORA.PORTUGAL www.llorensportugal.com


  Company Name
AIGI Environmental Inc. 309 Hanzhongmen Avenue, Nanjing www.aigienvironmental.com

For International Customers - Export Inquires

AIGI Environmental Inc. manufactures most of its AIGI Environmental brand products for China market. "Be #1 in China market" has been our long term strategy and our long-term focus. For international customers, please keep in mind that our products will not be the cheapest in China and only the product line listed below will be available for export inquires:

International Managing Director & Partner
Dwight Bertozzi – dwightb@aigienvironmental.com

For Bearing Protectors & Rotary Seals
Shirley Tu – shirley@aigienvironmental.com

For Pipeline Connection
Ivy Miao – ivy@aigienvironmental.com

For Seal Machining Technology & Hydraulics
Shirley Tu – shirley@aigienvironmental.com

For Mechanical Seals & Packing
Shirley Tu – shirley@aigienvironmental.com

For Superchem®
Ivy Miao – ivy@aigienvironmental.com