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AIGI 324 running well in Sultzer pump, paper mill, Chile

H-13 Live-loading Disc Springs Applied in Residue Hydrotreating Device, Refinery Plant, China

Date: July 22, 2015
Equipment: Residue Hydrotreating Reactor
Working Temp.: 390 C degree
Working Pressure: 178bar
Medium: mixed with residue oil, wax oil, diesel, gasoline, H2S, hydrogen and so on.
Gasket: Ring Joint Gasket
Bolt Size: M95
H-13 Live-loading Disc Springs were installed in every flange joints of the reactor in early March. No leakage till now .
Fishbone™ for Heat Exchanger (Vertical) at Paper Pulp Mill, Chile
Before After
Spiral wound gasket damaged & unwinding
Fishbone™ installed easily, no breakage & unwinding
Fishbone™ at Steel Plant, Japan
> Equipment: Hot water inlet valve with steam & Coke furnace pipe with gas
Fishbone™ for Heat Exchanger at Chemical Plant, Japan